Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ouagadougou: Probably the best baggage reclaim in the world.

The baggage reclaim at Ouagadougou airport is a lesson for all those breakdown prone conveyor belts and ‘let’s have another strike’ baggage handlers all around the world. Two guys. One big trolley. Mission: to dump and scatter the luggage on the floor in the most random way possible. Cue a massive passenger scrum. Job done! I am guessing the success rate of obtaining the right bag is significantly reduced but this is way more fun.

I email from ‘les Hotels des Conferences’ on the outskirts of ‘Ouaga’ city centre. I have a desk, a cold shower and an itchy bed. And plenty of flies to keep me company. It does more than a job although you would have to be a large giraffe, with an unusually long neck by giraffe standards, to see the ‘one channel’ TV from the bed (that is the view from my pillow). But hey, the WiFi works so whats there to moan about.........

Once settled, to the hotel restaurant. I am guessing I was barely three minutes into my rice fish supper last night, when something MarsBar sized and scurrying along caught the eye underneath the table. A small rodent perhaps? Oh no, not to worry, it’s only a cockroach. Now, if you’re in the Little Chef back in the UK (never mind somewhere with actual real food – I urge you to go to the Little Chef and have the scrambled eggs – might as well just eat some Playdoh) most of us would be storming straight over to the ‘Hot Plate’. It’s strange how these things simply make you shrug your shoulder over here. You’re in Africa now boyo – get on with it!

A demain..............

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