Wednesday, 11 August 2010

"Waga where?"

“Chris, where are you going?”, “Ouagadougou”, “Waga what?”, “Ouagadougou”, “Wag-ya-dodo”, “No, Ouagadougou!”, “Where’s that?”, “Burkina Faso”, “Never heard of it”.

I’ve had this roundabout conversation everyday for the past month now since I knew I was off to Burkina Faso for four weeks. So what do I know about Ouagadougou apart from it pretty much guarantees you a comprehensive victory in Scrabble. Not a lot to be honest. It’s in West Africa, its poor, it’s hot and wet (in August anyway – not the poor bit, that is an all year round thing) and their football team are affectionately known as ‘Les Etalons’ (The Stallions). So, sat in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and full-up on a most expensive and anti-climatic ‘le ceaser salad’, I thought I should touch base back home with this blog and tell you about a country most of us have clearly never heard of. So go and look Burkina up on a map and until next time......


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